About AM Micro Technology

Semiconductor IP Products and Solutions Provider

AM Micro Technology is a leading high-tech company focused on the industrial and enterprise sectors. We specialize in providing comprehensive chip solutions and are committed to developing proprietary chip IP products. With decades of experience in global leading technology and extensive expertise in large-scale chip design, we offer high-value, differentiated one-stop chip product design and services for our clients. We have a strong presence in both Chinese and international markets, with a deep focus on various industries including, but not limited to, data centers, digital communication, data storage, and smart automotive solutions. We always uphold the principles of innovation and integrity, seeking mutually beneficial collaborations.

One-Stop Chip Solution

We offer comprehensive one-stop chip solutions, encompassing the entire product lifecycle from conception to design to production. Leveraging our extensive experience in leading-edge global technology, we assist customers in enhancing the Power, Performance, and Area (PPA) of their products, resulting in tangible cost reductions and increased efficiency.


- Target the global mid-to-high-end industrial/enterprise chip market
- Provide one-stop service solutions for mid-to-back-end design, packaging and testing supply

Mid-to-High-End IP

- Provide independent intellectual property IP to build high quality independent design automation platform
- Collaboratively define differentiated IP based on customer IP requirements


- Develop independent Chiplet solutions
- Deliver high-reliability Chiplet die