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Proprietary IP power Chip Design
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About AM-Micro Technology (AMT)

IP and IC provider

As a leading high-tech company, AMT focus on industry and enterprise market. With decades experience on global advanced process and big size chip design, AMT is committed to providing customized IC to customers and power customers’ products. The other strength of AMT is IP ability, and will enrich AMT owned IP library. AMT target market but not limited to Data Centers (Switch, Server and Storage), Smart Auto and Industrial control, move forward in both International and Domestic market. We always uphold the principles of innovation, pursue integrity and win-win cooperation.

IC Design

From concept to Design to manufacturing, AMT provide customized products to customers. Taking advantage of rich experience on global advanced technology, AMT secure customers’ products with high quality, high reliability and competitive PPAC. 


Customized Products
- Based on customers’ requirement, define differentiated IP products
- Provide customized IC to global middle/high-end Industry and Enterprise market

IP and Platform

- Provide independent intellectual property IP to build high quality independent design automation platform
- Collaboratively define differentiated IP based on customer IP requirements


- Develop independent Chiplet solutions
- Deliver high-reliability Chiplet die

Independent Intellectual Property (IP)

Our primary focus is on IP products, complemented by enabling solutions and SoC platforms. This approach drives product improvements and continuous growth. With a robust portfolio of proprietary IP, widely used in areas like network communication, data centers, smart vehicles, and artificial intelligence, we meet individual IP needs, providing customers with unique and competitive products.

Digital IP

Digitao IP,such as CPU/DSP/ISP...etc.

Foundation IP

Domestic independent and controllable high-end basic IP, characteristic IP library, main scene product solutions.

Large IP

Hybrid IP addresses, such as interface IP addresses such as D2D, PHY, and SerDes.

Monitor IP

System monitoring IP, for automotive, data center customers to provide testing product reliability, integrity system solutions.

AMT Core Values

Robust Business Model

  • IP-centric business model with extention to Custom IC and and SoC Platforms
  • IP/Chip alliance, flexibly respond to customer needs and improve market competitiveness

Top Team Configuration

  • Rooted in Marvell’s full R&D team, with 20+ years of high-end chip R&D, sales and marketing expertise
  • Successfully navigated processes from 40nm to 3nm, delivering 60+ components (Switches, PHYs, Video, Storage, Baseband, etc.)

Well Established Ecological Resources

  • Leveraging a diverse network of EDA, IP, Foundry, and OSAT partners
  • Delivering Customized IC that are high-quality, secure and reliable

Global Customer Coverage

  • Secured tens of millions in Chinese and international orders in the first year of operation
  • Pioneered and successfully executed several leading commercialization ventures, garnering potential orders close to CNY 100 million

Team Spirit

From concept to perfection, we inspire.
With industry insights, innovation driven.

AMT was established in September 2022, with its headquarters located in Shanghai, China, and an R&D center situated in the Chengdu region. Founded by a seasoned R&D team hailing from Marvell China, a globally recognized company, AMT is driven by the vision of leveraging the expertise of industry elites to provide cutting-edge chip design solutions to both Chinese and international markets.

AMT gathers many years of successful experiences in product development and marketing. With profound industry insights and a wealth of practical knowledge, AMT excels in translating innovative concepts into tangible, market-leading products.

In April 2023, the company completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of Chinese Yuan. The funds raised will be focused on the R&D of industrial/enterprise IP products for data centre, high-end communication, AI, smart car, etc., as well as the expansion of IP ecosystem.